A Birthday Party at Brooklands Go Karts

Whether you’re a small kid or a big kid, we’ve got your birthday party covered at Brooklands Go Karts!

With karts suitable for children measuring 4ft 2 and above and more powerful karts for our adults, karting is the perfect activity for some birthday fun. We cater for children’s groups, adults or mixed family fun- where everybody can enjoy a karting experience suitable to their ability.

The beauty and charm of Brooklands Go Karts is that we are FLEXIBLE!  Apart from when it comes to safety,  we don’t have to stick rigidly to formats and we can change things up to suit our unique groups. If you have a request…. just ask!


Our standard format consists of three sessions. Each driver will start with a warm up session: this is when you are getting to grips with the track layout, testing out your karting skills and eyeing up potential competitors. Don’t underestimate the importance of this session, it’s your chance to- quite simply- practice!

Next we have a grid start race. All drivers start at the same time from a gridded position. Can you overtake the opposition? Will speed or patience pay off? This session is really about skill, strategy and good timing. Being aware of other drivers will give you a big advantage during this session.

Finally, you get a chance to take the gold by taking part in the time trial. Each and every driver has a lap time recorded which gets pitted against the rest and entered onto the leader-board. Medals are awarded to the top 3 drivers and a trophy is always awarded to the birthday driver! Mixed age group? Mixed ability group? We can give advantages or disadvantages to drivers to level the playing field- let us know and we can make sure that awards are given out fairly! Don’t want other children to feel left out? Additional medals can be purchased so that everybody can go home a winner! All of our presentations are finished with a chance to pose on the podium- so make you sure you bring your cameras (or charge your phones!)

Medals are awarded to the top 3 drivers and a trophy is always awarded to the birthday driver!

What about food? We can happily arrange a picnic style lunch for you or you can take advantage of the many food outlets located conveniently close to us! The Perch (http://lancingperch.com/) is just a mile away and could be walked to from the track. It’s a family and pet friendly cafe serving delicious food with the perfect location overlooking the sea. Lancing, Shoreham By Sea and Worthing are all a stone’s throw away with all your usual cafeterias, restaurants and pubs. Or order a takeaway! Dominoes delivery is a very popular option. To really go to town on the theme there are some awesome Go Kart cakes around. M&S have this awesome cake which serves 35!   http://www.marksandspencer.com/racing-car-cake/p/p21040213 


Or check out these fab cupcake toppers at Amazon! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Karting-Mix-Karts-Racing-Hobby/dp/B018KDULIY/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1525075230&sr=8-2&keywords=go+kart+cake

Go kart cupcakes

You are welcome to stay and eat or wander over to the beach or park to have a kick around or just relax and take in our beautiful British weather (ahem!)

Low cost parking is available on site with plenty of available space with easy access provided for buses and coaches. We are close to Lancing and East Worthing train stations and directly on the 700 bus route. If you are not from the area and need help organising taxis- we are happy to help you..

The beauty and charm of Brooklands Go Karts is that we are FLEXIBLE! 

We have catered for all sorts of different parties and with our flexible approach, we can tailor a package format to suit you and your needs. No question is a silly question- just ask and we will do our best to help with your requests. Prices start from a competitive £26 per head for juniors and £29 per head for adults (16+). If you have a budget that doesn’t quite stretch- speak to us and we can discuss other options to make sure your loved ones get the party they deserve!

So what are you waiting for? A birthday party at Brooklands Go karts is a birthday party to remember!



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