A Birthday Party at Brooklands Go Karts

Whether you’re a small kid or a big kid, we’ve got your birthday party covered at Brooklands Go Karts!

With karts suitable for children measuring 4ft 2 and above and more powerful karts for our adults, karting is the perfect activity for some birthday fun. We cater for children’s groups, adults or mixed family fun- where everybody can enjoy a karting experience suitable to their ability.

The beauty and charm of Brooklands Go Karts is that we are FLEXIBLE!  Apart from when it comes to safety,  we don’t have to stick rigidly to formats and we can change things up to suit our unique groups. If you have a request…. just ask!


Our standard format consists of three sessions. Each driver will start with a warm up session: this is when you are getting to grips with the track layout, testing out your karting skills and eyeing up potential competitors. Don’t underestimate the importance of this session, it’s your chance to- quite simply- practice!

Next we have a grid start race. All drivers start at the same time from a gridded position. Can you overtake the opposition? Will speed or patience pay off? This session is really about skill, strategy and good timing. Being aware of other drivers will give you a big advantage during this session.

Finally, you get a chance to take the gold by taking part in the time trial. Each and every driver has a lap time recorded which gets pitted against the rest and entered onto the leader-board. Medals are awarded to the top 3 drivers and a trophy is always awarded to the birthday driver! Mixed age group? Mixed ability group? We can give advantages or disadvantages to drivers to level the playing field- let us know and we can make sure that awards are given out fairly! Don’t want other children to feel left out? Additional medals can be purchased so that everybody can go home a winner! All of our presentations are finished with a chance to pose on the podium- so make you sure you bring your cameras (or charge your phones!)

Medals are awarded to the top 3 drivers and a trophy is always awarded to the birthday driver!

What about food? We can happily arrange a picnic style lunch for you or you can take advantage of the many food outlets located conveniently close to us! The Perch (http://lancingperch.com/) is just a mile away and could be walked to from the track. It’s a family and pet friendly cafe serving delicious food with the perfect location overlooking the sea. Lancing, Shoreham By Sea and Worthing are all a stone’s throw away with all your usual cafeterias, restaurants and pubs. Or order a takeaway! Dominoes delivery is a very popular option. To really go to town on the theme there are some awesome Go Kart cakes around. M&S have this awesome cake which serves 35!   http://www.marksandspencer.com/racing-car-cake/p/p21040213 


Or check out these fab cupcake toppers at Amazon! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Karting-Mix-Karts-Racing-Hobby/dp/B018KDULIY/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1525075230&sr=8-2&keywords=go+kart+cake

Go kart cupcakes

You are welcome to stay and eat or wander over to the beach or park to have a kick around or just relax and take in our beautiful British weather (ahem!)

Low cost parking is available on site with plenty of available space with easy access provided for buses and coaches. We are close to Lancing and East Worthing train stations and directly on the 700 bus route. If you are not from the area and need help organising taxis- we are happy to help you..

The beauty and charm of Brooklands Go Karts is that we are FLEXIBLE! 

We have catered for all sorts of different parties and with our flexible approach, we can tailor a package format to suit you and your needs. No question is a silly question- just ask and we will do our best to help with your requests. Prices start from a competitive £26 per head for juniors and £29 per head for adults (16+). If you have a budget that doesn’t quite stretch- speak to us and we can discuss other options to make sure your loved ones get the party they deserve!

So what are you waiting for? A birthday party at Brooklands Go karts is a birthday party to remember!



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Things Changing in F1

With so many things happening in the F1 world it’s hard to keep up, here are a few key points in the changes so far.


For me getting rid of the formula 1 grid girls and replacing them with kids can only be a good thing to push the sport forward in a positive manner. It’s also a really good idea to use Karter’s or under 16s that are racing in any form, I can only hope that the kids that participate will gain some benefits and this will encourage them to pursue their own careers.


The race calendar this year is a bit extreme with 21 races compared to the 19 of last year. However to have Germany and France included on the calendar is a good thing, especially the German grand prix with 3 German drivers. I’m also pretty sure that the Nurburgring and Hockenheim will take it in turns again to host each year. I’m also really surprised to see that the French grand prix is not at Magny-Cours, it is instead at Le Castellet which is a circuit that I have never heard of before.

F1 calendar 2018

While we are talking about how many races there are this season 1 man in particular has almost doubled the amount of racing he will be doing in 2018 in his quest to hold the Triple Crown. Races including the Monaco Grand prix, Indy 500 and Le Mans 24 Hours. That man is of course Fernando Alonso, not only is he racing in Formula one this year he is racing in the Le Mans 24 Hours and also competing in all the rounds of the World Endurance Cars that don’t clash with his Formula one responsibilities, this does mean that he will race 6 races in 7 weeks and surely this will have a physical effect on him.


The changes in the driver market are as follows. There are no changes at Mercedes, Ferrari, Redbull, Force India, Hass and Mclaren. With all the remaining teams changing a driver for the new season. To summarise: Carlos Sainz jr is now with Renault; Toro Rosso now have Hartley and Gasley; Williams have signed Sergey Sirotkin and Sauber have signed Leclerc.

While talking about drivers and teams, there are still a few drivers out of contract at the end of this coming season. Lewis Hamilton is one driver but I’m sure Mercedes are deep in contract talks with him. Another driver Daniel Riccardo who wants to wait and see how this year’s car is performing before signing again with Red Bull. It’s got to be on his mind that Valtteri Bottas only has this year left so could Daniel be poised for a switch to Mercedes and could Bottas go to Red Bull? I’m pretty sure that if Daniel does go to Mercedes then Red Bull won’t have Bottas they will instead put Carlos Sainz into the Red Bull because of the amount of young drivers they like to push into the sport.

So as you can see there are loads of changes happening this season and possibly next season too. Roll on winter testing and Melbourne on the 25th of March, It should be a good year and I hope the racing is a bit closer than last year.

To keep up to date with what’s happening visit https://www.formula1.com/


By Ben Goodwin

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Did you know that Brooklands Go Kart circuit has been around since the 1960’s?


For nearly 6 decades, our outdoor track has been providing  hours of fun for families and groups of friends, with many a keen motorsport enthusiast pass through and go on to pursue racing careers.

With packages suitable for complete beginners through to seasoned drivers- we have something for almost everyone!

  • Arrive and Drive Karting –Junior and Adult karts are available for anyone who meets our minimum height requirement (4ft 2in or 127cm with shoes on). Mixed age groups can ride on track together- with speeds adjusted to suit individual driver’s abilities- by our experienced track marshals. Each session is just £9 or you can add a bronze, silver or gold medal for just £3!
  • Birthday Parties/Group Booking– We offer group packages, where your party has exclusive use of the track with prices starting from just £26 per head. Perfect for birthday parties, family events or other special occasions- group bookings are a great way to get together with your loved ones and blow off some steam with some friendly (or not so friendly) competition. The format includes 3 sessions where you first warm up, followed by a grid started race and then end with a time trial where all the drivers times are recorded and pitted against one another. We end with a fun presentation awarding medals to the fastest 3 drivers and a trophy for the birthday person.
  • Stag and Hen- a hugely popular activity for Stags and Hens. What better way to start of the weekend’s celebrations than an ice breaking- adrenaline fuelled blast round the track. With friendly staff, who are keen to ensure you have as much fun as possible- we are open to most requests as long as safety is not compromised! We are perfectly located so that that there is plenty to do after your session with us. The format is the same as our Group bookings and we have free hire of our Pink L plate driver suits if you fancy it. Why not add a signable helmet to the booking too for a memorable souvenir!
  • Tuition – Tuition starts from as little as £35 per person for a 1:1 session with an experienced instructor. Learn everything there is to know about the kart and track, with top tips on how to develop and improve your karting skills from an instructor with previous racing experience. All safety wear and equipment are provided. Just bring some enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!
  • Kart club – Kart club runs during each of the school holidays. For 90 minutes of tuition in a small group it is a bargain £30. As with the tuition, you will learn new skills and seek to improve speed and control in a fun environment. A fantastic chance to learn about karting and interact with other petrol heads.
  • Work do’s – Go Karting is the perfect team building activity. In addition to the group booking format we offer a team event where you can get together with a team and compete against others. A great way to go head to head with other departments and thrash it out on the track! Prices start at just £90 for a team of 3 drivers with heats and a final, where points are accumulated resulting in a winning team who take home the trophies in our presentation at the end.
  • Bike tuition – Bike tuition starts from £35 with an experienced instructor. We have a mini quad, mini moto and a pit bike and the use of all is included in the price. We cater for complete beginners up to experienced riders. Recommended minimum age is 9-10 years old. We also offer the option for you to bring your own bike as long as it meets certain noise level requirements.
  • Fundraising – we are passionate about fundraising and would love to get involved in any ideas people have. We offer a big discount to those who are raising their own funds and can help to organise your karting event.
  • Gift vouchers – The perfect gift for any age or occasion. With vouchers available from just £5, they can be redeemed against any of our packages from Arrive Drive to a tuition session.

With so much to choose from make you sure you sign up to our monthly newsletter so that you can have access to our exclusive discounts.                                                           Sign up now at www.brooklandgokarts.co.uk


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New Years Resolutions 2018

A new year- for many- means new beginnings. Resolutions are made as we reflect upon the highs and the lows of the previous year and seek out how to make this year better!

A documentary on Netflix, aptly titled Happy, investigated what made different groups of people from around the globe feel happy. The findings were both surprising and obvious at the same time!

Money. Most of us would like more! But does it make us happier?

The findings of the documentary researchers were that once your basic needs are met: a home, enough food and a regular source of income there was not much difference in happiness between a person who was super rich or on an average wage.

The one common factor that they found among all of the “happy” subjects was having a close network of friends and/or family. In short, people who concentrated more on extrinsic values such as money, image and status were far less likely to be happy than those who focused on intrinsic values like good relationships, personal development and doing more for others.

Another common factor among happy folk was “playing” often in the form of a sport or an outdoor pursuit. These activities were often connected to nature or contained a challenging aspect to them.

Of course we all need money to live but can we ever have enough? Think about what truly makes you happy. What really makes you smile? What is really important to you?

This year my New Years resolution is to focus more on activities where I can challenge myself or have fun while spending time with good friends and family. What will your resolution be?

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Ben’s Top Tips for karting in slippery conditions

At this time of year, the weather may be grey but that doesn’t mean the fun should stop because of slippery conditions! Our outdoor circuit is open all year round and we embrace the opportunity to be able to offer a karting experience in all the conditions that the British weather brings. 

 Driving in the wet is a great opportunity to improve your driving skills.  Not only have you got to adapt to conditions but you also have to find a  different racing line. 

  • START SLOW –During the first few laps, it is very important to get heat into the tyres. Make sure you are driving around 60% of your normal pace.
  • STEERING INPUT– Always be smooth when steering, if you’re too aggressive or steer too hard, you might spin the kart.
  • RACING LINE– Think about your racing line, this is very important because you need to find out where the best grip is on track. This may differ from the normal dry racing line.
  • UNDER-STEER– Be aware that the kart may not turn into the corners like it would on a warm summers day. It is very easy for the kart to push on in slippery conditions as there is less grip around the circuit.
  • BRAKING– Be very cautious on the brakes, the last thing you want is to be facing the wrong way.
  • SPINNING– If you do spin then don’t panic and re join the race at a safe opportunity
  • HAVE FUN- Don’t be put off by a bit of water. Racing in the elements brings a whole new level of fun to the karting experience.
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What’s on your Bucket List?



This blog is inspired by two of our recent customers, a pair of guys, who had spent the last few weekends ticking off entries on their Bucket List together. They had so far been gliding and on a helicopter ride and next was a visit to our outdoor Go Kart track where it was the first time they would actually be in control of their mode of transport!

So what is a Bucket List and who can have one?

In simple terms, it’s a list of things you would like to do before you die!

Do you have to wait till you’re old or about to die to have one? Of course not.

We all get caught up in the Rat Race we call life. The older we get, the easier it is for the fun experiences in life to get squeezed out to make way for our ever increasing burden of responsibilities.

Why wait until the last minute to create a Bucket list? Do it now.  If you tick everything off it, add more things to it.

For some a Bucket List needs to contain unique experiences like jumping out of a plane! For others, their list may contain certain achievements like going to college, learning an instrument or visiting a dream destination. For the philanthropists among us it could be to have completed a list of good deeds and be more focused on our impact on the world we leave behind.

We asked some of our customers and staff what they would put at the top of their lists and here are some of the responses:

Marc, 32 “To own a Lamborghini! Even if it’s just for a week. It’s my absolute dream car and I need to own one at least once in my lifetime”

Lisa 27, “I would love to run a marathon. I’ve just taken up running after years of not exercising and I love it. It might take a bit of time to get to that level but I am determined. If you asked me last year, there’s no way this would be on the list!”

Lee, 19 “To become a millionaire!”

John 68, “I have visited a lot of places in my life and experienced many things. For me, it’s important now that I spend time with my family. I have grandchildren now and spending time with them and making sure they get to reach their dreams is the big thing for me”

Tim 39, “I wish I had seen more of the world before I started a family. I did the Inca Trail with my wife when we were in our early 20’s and we have taken my eldest son with us to the Pyramids at Chichen Itza but I’d love to see as many of the 7 wonders of the World as I can.”

Rachael 13, “I really want to become a doctor when I’m older and  I will travel to less fortunate countries to help them because they don’t get the same medical treatment that we get here.”

Grace 61, “I am actually going to be doing this in the Summer. It’s to go on a cruise. I recently retired and can’t wait to relax and see a bit of the world at the same time”

Whatever your list contains, it should reflect doing what you think is important in life and not be in competition with others to contain the craziest or most unique entries. There is no point creating a list that is unrealistic or one that really fulfills more what other people think is important.

A wise  man once said that when the day comes to reflect back on our life, we rarely regret how we spent our money but we commonly regret how we spent our time.

Life is for living, so get that list written and start planning how you will tick off your entries!

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Go Karting parties, March 2016

The cold weather hasn’t stopped us from having fun down at the track this March. Plenty of Stag, Hen and Birthday groups have visited us to blow off some steam with their mates. With prices starting from as little as £95 to book exclusive use of the track for you and your group, you will struggle to find another adrenaline activity which is as good value for money.

Here are a few of our groups that have visited us last month.

  1. Group booking 14.3.16
  2. Stag do Good Friday
  3. Stag Do
  4. Hen do 13.3.16


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Karting Tuition Club

Brooklands Go Karts are pleased to announce that we will be running Go Kart training clubs throughout the school holidays, starting this Easter.

At a bargain price of £30 you will access 90 minutes of expert tuition and the chance to put the theory to test on our outdoor track. 

Drivers will learn about the basics of how Go Karts work; what racing lines are and how to use them; how to tackle tricky corners successfully and how to overtake; as well as improving their speed and control.

Workshops will be limited to small groups so that everyone can get quality time and instruction in a fun while still competitive environment.

The workshops are open to adults and juniors from 8yrs+ and we will do our best to group drivers of similar ability together.

We are pretty sure that spaces will fill up fast, so book early to avoid disappointment!
easter club

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20% OFF


20% OFF gift vouchers

Complimentary 20% discount OFF Go-Karting Parties & Group Bookings. Valid Mon-Fri

Checkout our 20% OFF gift vouchers HERE!

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