Ben’s Top Tips for karting in slippery conditions

At this time of year, the weather may be grey but that doesn’t mean the fun should stop because of slippery conditions! Our outdoor circuit is open all year round and we embrace the opportunity to be able to offer a karting experience in all the conditions that the British weather brings. 

 Driving in the wet is a great opportunity to improve your driving skills.  Not only have you got to adapt to conditions but you also have to find a  different racing line. 

  • START SLOW –During the first few laps, it is very important to get heat into the tyres. Make sure you are driving around 60% of your normal pace.
  • STEERING INPUT– Always be smooth when steering, if you’re too aggressive or steer too hard, you might spin the kart.
  • RACING LINE– Think about your racing line, this is very important because you need to find out where the best grip is on track. This may differ from the normal dry racing line.
  • UNDER-STEER– Be aware that the kart may not turn into the corners like it would on a warm summers day. It is very easy for the kart to push on in slippery conditions as there is less grip around the circuit.
  • BRAKING– Be very cautious on the brakes, the last thing you want is to be facing the wrong way.
  • SPINNING– If you do spin then don’t panic and re join the race at a safe opportunity
  • HAVE FUN- Don’t be put off by a bit of water. Racing in the elements brings a whole new level of fun to the karting experience.
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