New Years Resolutions 2018

A new year- for many- means new beginnings. Resolutions are made as we reflect upon the highs and the lows of the previous year and seek out how to make this year better!

A documentary on Netflix, aptly titled Happy, investigated what made different groups of people from around the globe feel happy. The findings were both surprising and obvious at the same time!

Money. Most of us would like more! But does it make us happier?

The findings of the documentary researchers were that once your basic needs are met: a home, enough food and a regular source of income there was not much difference in happiness between a person who was super rich or on an average wage.

The one common factor that they found among all of the “happy” subjects was having a close network of friends and/or family. In short, people who concentrated more on extrinsic values such as money, image and status were far less likely to be happy than those who focused on intrinsic values like good relationships, personal development and doing more for others.

Another common factor among happy folk was “playing” often in the form of a sport or an outdoor pursuit. These activities were often connected to nature or contained a challenging aspect to them.

Of course we all need money to live but can we ever have enough? Think about what truly makes you happy. What really makes you smile? What is really important to you?

This year my New Years resolution is to focus more on activities where I can challenge myself or have fun while spending time with good friends and family. What will your resolution be?

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