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This blog is inspired by two of our recent customers, a pair of guys, who had spent the last few weekends ticking off entries on their Bucket List together. They had so far been gliding and on a helicopter ride and next was a visit to our outdoor Go Kart track where it was the first time they would actually be in control of their mode of transport!

So what is a Bucket List and who can have one?

In simple terms, it’s a list of things you would like to do before you die!

Do you have to wait till you’re old or about to die to have one? Of course not.

We all get caught up in the Rat Race we call life. The older we get, the easier it is for the fun experiences in life to get squeezed out to make way for our ever increasing burden of responsibilities.

Why wait until the last minute to create a Bucket list? Do it now.  If you tick everything off it, add more things to it.

For some a Bucket List needs to contain unique experiences like jumping out of a plane! For others, their list may contain certain achievements like going to college, learning an instrument or visiting a dream destination. For the philanthropists among us it could be to have completed a list of good deeds and be more focused on our impact on the world we leave behind.

We asked some of our customers and staff what they would put at the top of their lists and here are some of the responses:

Marc, 32 “To own a Lamborghini! Even if it’s just for a week. It’s my absolute dream car and I need to own one at least once in my lifetime”

Lisa 27, “I would love to run a marathon. I’ve just taken up running after years of not exercising and I love it. It might take a bit of time to get to that level but I am determined. If you asked me last year, there’s no way this would be on the list!”

Lee, 19 “To become a millionaire!”

John 68, “I have visited a lot of places in my life and experienced many things. For me, it’s important now that I spend time with my family. I have grandchildren now and spending time with them and making sure they get to reach their dreams is the big thing for me”

Tim 39, “I wish I had seen more of the world before I started a family. I did the Inca Trail with my wife when we were in our early 20’s and we have taken my eldest son with us to the Pyramids at Chichen Itza but I’d love to see as many of the 7 wonders of the World as I can.”

Rachael 13, “I really want to become a doctor when I’m older and  I will travel to less fortunate countries to help them because they don’t get the same medical treatment that we get here.”

Grace 61, “I am actually going to be doing this in the Summer. It’s to go on a cruise. I recently retired and can’t wait to relax and see a bit of the world at the same time”

Whatever your list contains, it should reflect doing what you think is important in life and not be in competition with others to contain the craziest or most unique entries. There is no point creating a list that is unrealistic or one that really fulfills more what other people think is important.

A wise  man once said that when the day comes to reflect back on our life, we rarely regret how we spent our money but we commonly regret how we spent our time.

Life is for living, so get that list written and start planning how you will tick off your entries!

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